Matthana Asian Street Food

Asian street food, on the whole, is much more healthy than Western cuisine. With the lack of dairy, fat, sugar, and additives, along with a focus on zingy flavor and fresh ingredients, it’s easy to find healthy options from the Street Asian Food-inspired menu. We picked some of the healthiest “Street Food” from  Asian cuisine like Thailand, Japan, and Hawaiian poke bowls.

We understand that some swedes are looking for fast food because of the busy lives we live. We focus on Healthy Authentic Street Asian Food which is Full of an Abundance of Fresh Ingredients and served FAST!

When people think of salads, some leafy, colorful dish usually comes to mind. Our salads are all distinctive and notable for their use of meat, especially seafood, as well as their unique blend of herbs, fresh fruits, and veggies. One of the most crowd-pleasing of them all is the Awesome Chicken or Delicious Crab Mix. These salads are considered the healthiest in the world!

Asian Street food in Stockholm has the pleasure of serving you authentic cuisine from Asia. We bring you the tastes, colors, and smells of Asian street food.

Enjoy the tastes of delicious food put together passionately by our Asian professional team. Savory, delicious dishes have won the hearts of many local customers who come back regularly and frequently. 

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