Matthana Asian Street Food

Matthana’s main goal is to bring Asian Street food to Sweden for the Swedes to enjoy true flavors of Asian meals. At Matthana, we are flavor freaks! 

Expert chefs at Matthana exactly know how to technically handle the essence of Asian spices. Authentic Asian food has distinct flavors depending upon the region and its cultures and taste preferences. Thailand, Japan and Hawaiian food have varied characteristics and possess their own speciality.

We experiment with the amazing flavors of SouthEast Asian Street Foods at Matthana in the struggle to bring the best out of the fresh, healthy and aromatic ingredients of Thailand, Japanese and Hawaiin food. Rice and noodles are the favourites of SouthEast Asians. Matthana brings you a variety of Asian cuisines served with noodles and rice.

The ingredients used in Asian foods are not only flavorful and aromatic but also healthy and possess their kind of nutritional value which is hence added to the Asian street food you order at Matthana. The choice of meat also differs from country to country. Meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian options are however brought together at Matthana to give you your freedom of choice and to not steal away your way of gulping protein. Enjoy the delicious Asian cuisines at Matthana and experience the street food taste of Asia in Solna.Asian cuisines served with noodles and rice.

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